Tales Of Vesperia RAGE!!

Imagine that you don't own an Xbox 360. Maybe, you don't even want one. But then a game comes out on it, a game you really want, and it's an exclusive.

To play it, well, you'd probably buy the console, take your "Only On Xbox 360" game home and play the crap outta it. Then imagine several months later, that same game emerged once again, like a Phoenix from the flames, and was appearing on another console — with more story, new characters, the works! How would you feel?

Bamboozled! Pissed off! Mad! Nerd rage has been directed at Bandai Namco's Tales of Vesperia, which was an Xbox 360 exclusive. That is, until it decided to appear on the PS3 with brand new shiny stuff.

やるおで語るPS3対Xbox360のゲーム掲示板バトル ~テイルズ編~ [my game news flash]


    Exclusivity a-la BioShock, Mass Effect, Eternal Sonata....

    Is anything ever exclusive any more?

    At least it's slightly more justified than the nerd rage that followed the annoucement that Final Fantasy XIII would be multiplatform... "I bought the PS3 just for this game!" then maybe you should've waited until the game came out before buying the PS3...?

    Personally, I don't really give a rat's ass that it's being ported to the PS3 with extra stuff (happened with Eternal Sonata, too). What really irritates me is that here in Australia, we're still waiting for the original form, the first release of Tales of Vesperia on 360 to be released, 8 months on from America!

    The way things are going, you can bet the 360 version will come out with very little headway on the PS3 version, meaning lesser sales for the inferior 360 version, and thus the already-slim chances of Tales/Bandai Namco games getting released here in a decent amount of time drops cataclysmically. I can understand the delays for Europe, what with having to translate into other languages (French, German, etc), but we're a gat-damn English speaking country first and foremost!

    It reminds me a lot of the Rock Band 1 vs Guitar Hero: World Tour situation; both of them came out pretty much the same time over here in Australia, maybe a week apart. Rock Band, a year old, competing against GH:WT, considerably newer than its opponent; no surprises who won (even though I find RB1 to be vastly superior (opinions!))!

    We truly are the ass end of the gaming world when it comes to release dates. Jesus.

    There is no such thing as a 360 exclusive. A good game will either come out on PS3 eventually, or if it's an in-house publisher (MS), then it will be released on PC.

    Im personally Angry at this... I Played Abyss and loved it. When I heard Vesperia was going to be Exclusive to 360 I bought mine and waited for the release of Vesperia. I have no Complaints against the game, Vesperia = Amazing. Im angry at Microsoft and Namco for backstabbing the supporters of the early production of Vesperia by buying it. I for one will no longer believe "Exclusive" upon 360 games regarding RPG's.

    I bet Halo Wars (The only successful console RTS Game) will be ported to PS3 sooner or later to cater the biggest RTS market in the world, Japan.

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