Tap Tap Revenge Top Tops iPhone Charts

A list of the 25 most popular iPhone applications to date is nearly half-filled with games, with Tapulous' Tap Tap Revenge coming out on top.

Tap Tap Revenge is only 1 of 122 games to make internet information provider Comscore's list of the 25 most popular iPhone applications, with a penetration of 32% among Apple app users. This basically means that 32% of iPhone and iPod Touch owners who have used the App Store have purchased Tap Tap Revenge, 5% more than the second place application, Stylem Media's Backgrounds. Venture Beat takes this 32% and multiplies it by Admob's estimate of a 15 million strong Apple mobile user base, determining that Tap Tap Revenge has an install base of nearly 4.8 million users. That's rather insane.

Other games making the list include old favourites like Pac-Man, Hangman, and Soduku, interspersed with newer titles like Lightsaber Unleashed and Touch Hockey FS5.

Behold, marketers - some iPhone numbers you can work with, finally [Venture Beat via Gamasutra]


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