Team Fortress 2: The RPG

You may have seen this passing through your forum of choice lately, but just in case you haven't, here, take a look at this guy's idea for a Team Fortress 2 role-playing game.

While we'd love to write it off as absurd, maybe even crazy, the fact is there are some good ideas to be found in here amidst the over-use of on-screen displays. Indeed, we'd love to see some enthusiastic group of kids take this idea and just run with it.

You can thank goldenhearted, Photoshop and Garry's Mod for the whole thing.

[Team Fortress 2 RPG]


    Surely this is inspired by the whole tf2 random weapon drops rumour debacle.

    And that excellent Steam thread is here:

    So awesome.

    Ha ha, that'd be cool and all, but the whole system would be SO difficult to maintain. You'd switch servers to go into different maps, the new server might have a real shitty ping, and if you don't have the map you're trying to get to, you're fucked. Plus, it takes a bit to switch servers ANYWAY, so most of the gameplay wouldn't even be gameplay - It'd be the loading screen!

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