Team Fortress 2 Sniper Update Inbound, Xbox 360 Patch 'Still Being Worked On'

The official word from the Team Fortress 2 trust confirms that the Sniper will be the next class to receive an update on par with the Heavy, Scout, Medic and Pyro. For real this time.

Valve's Robin Walker also writes on the official TF2 blog that another update will precede the Sniper changes, one that will feature "some new content for all classes." When the Sniper update arrives, though, it will be "the largest TF2 update yet."

Walker also discusses the long-promised Xbox 360 Team Fortress 2 update as well, one that should've been here by now.

It's still coming, naturally, but it seems the code jockeys at Valve are having a little difficulty fitting all that updated goodness onto the console's 512 MB of RAM. Walker says that an update will be coming soon, however, to address cheating concerns in the Xbox 360 version.

Anyone want to make any guesses about those cross-class changes? Any Sniper update requests?

Wave goodbye to yer head, wanker [Team Fortress 2 Blog]


    how about some really fun 'out there' weapons...
    like a low calibre automatic sniper rifle that supresses the target but doesn't crit (have i just stolen natasha and made her a sniper - :/)
    or proxy mines that he can lay about the place to stop pesky back-stabbers sneaking up to his sweet sniper locale...
    perhaps a different scope that allows thermal vision or something, giving him sweet recon abilites for enemy positioning etc.

    How about dropping the sniper class all together! They add Nothing to the game!

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