Team Fortress, (Semi-) Unplugged

This low-res take on Team Fortress' lineup strikes me as a kind of MTV Unplugged homage. Take something iconic, render it in less than the state of the art, and see if it remains iconic.

Answer: Yep. While I'm not sure of the practical application of a low-polygon version of these characters, it's still cool to look at, and maybe assess why graphics carry so much weight in our expectations of a game. Team Fortress 2, with only this level of detail, would still be a hoot to play.

BTW, I realise the copyright on this is 2008, so, there's a possibility this is teh old and at least four of you have seen it already, in which case I ask for forgiveness for not having read this portion of the Internet at some point in my lifetime. Please, I beg you, don't fire me.

Low-Poly TF2 [ thanks reader Dream Division]


    Pyro looks like he (or she) lost a lot of weight in the low poly count version.

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