Tell The Xbox Live Team What You Think

The Xbox Live Team is assembling today for one of their regular meetings, and you can be there too, through the magic of Twitter.

While you won't be able to actually see and hear the secret things Major Nelson and his crew will be discussing, they'll have a large screen in front of them with your Twitter comments rolling across it live for the whole team to see. The meeting takes place between 3pm and 5pm Pacific time, which gives you a good two and a half hours from the time this post goes live to think up something wise, witty, or potentially despicable to say. Simply Twitter your comments with the hashtag #heyxboxlive at the beginning of your post, and internet fairies will carry your message to the Xbox Live Team's screen.

If you've nothing to say, you can always just follow the thread directly, hoping for hilarity to ensue.

Be a part of the Xbox LIVE team meeting [Major Nelson]


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