The King Of Fighters, The Online RPG

SNK's The King of Fighters fighting franchise is going online with THE KING OF FIGHTERS ONLINE.

Developed by Triple A Games, KOF ONLINE features 3D graphics, online RPG elements and fighting. This latest batch of screens shows stages, gameplay and cutscenes.

THE KING OF ONLINE is slated to go live at the first half of 2010.

「THE KING OF FIGHTERS ONLINE」の最新スクリーンショットが公開に [4Gamer]



    I think I just found my first MMO to get invested in....that looks wicked.
    Hope the RPG and fighting elements Rock. (howard)


    Hope they don't quit this time then...

    April fools is only for the first day of the month right?

    where can i buy this game...? i live in cali and i can't find it anywhere not even on the internet. any help please

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