The 2009 Pokémon Video Game Championships

Do you want to be the very best, like no one ever was? Now is your chance, as Pokémon USA delivers the details on the 2009 Pokémon Video Game Championships.

An excellent way to sell their newest title, the U.S. leg of the 2009 Pokémon Championships requires that players participate using the newly-released Pokémon Platinum. 128 players for each age division (young and far too old to be playing Pokémon) will be selected to participate at each of the 6 U.S. regional tournaments. Players will battle it out in "2-on-2 Double Cup" battles, with the winners snagging trips to the Pokémon Video Game National Championships in St. Louis on June 27 and 28. There they will compete for invitations to the Pokémon World Video Game Championships in San Diego, California. It's a long road to travel, but with a trip to New York, Tokyo, or Hawaii and bragging rights on the line, it's totally worth the blood, sweat, and tears. Heck, since everyone who even registers walks away with a 50 Shiny Milotic, it's probably worth it to register and simply hope you don't get chosen.

Check out the region schedule below, or visit the event's official website for details on how you can show that little punk Ash how it's done in the hood.

Tournament Schedule

May 9 - Seattle, WA
May 16 - San Francisco, CA
May 23 - Phoenix, AZ
May 30 - Dallas, TX
June 6 - Philadelphia, PA
June 13 - Nashville, TN
June 27 - St. Louis, MO - The Nationals


    Always America! I WANNA FUCKIN COMPETE!

      if you look on the World Championchips Invatations list you see that Australia has 6 invites to this event which means they have to have state competitions in Australia first. but Nintendo Australia havnt posted anything about it yet youill probaly see something in the next month.

      go to this address

    I was about to say "Why don't WE ever get anything," then I remembered: Nobody cares about Australia.

    God damnit.

    Gah this sucks! We never get anything in Australia!

    this sux so bad lol (ONLY IN AMERICA) GRRR IT BE OK IF AUSTRALIA EVEN HAD STATE TOURNAMENTS!!! but no damn it.

    I complained to the pokemon company on Monday.
    And I actually got a reply out of them the next days.
    If anyone wishes to read what I sent and what they replied with.
    Send you requests to my email:
    [email protected]
    and I'll forward it all to you.

    when will nintendo bring the video game battles to Australia then people will be happy and my pokemon platinum team is

    Lv 95: Salamance
    Lv 97: Starmie
    Lv 91: Giratina
    Lv 100: Darkri
    Lv 94: Lugia
    Lv 99: Ho-Oh

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