The Beatles: Rock Band Priced For Europe

The official announcement of the contents of the Limited Edition Premium Bundle for The Beatles: Rock Band also comes with European pricing info for the US$249.99 box set.

As reported previously, the Premium Bundle for the game comes with the game itself; a Hofner Bass controller; a set of Ludwig-branded drums complete with pearl accents and a Beatles replica kick drum head; a microphone with mic stand; and additional special content that shall be revealed at a later date. How much do Europeans and citizens of the United Kingdom have to pay? A sensible euro 199.00 and 179.00 Pounds Sterling respectively.

Fans who pre-order the game will also be eligible to join The Beatles: Rock Band Pre-Order Club, gaining access to exclusive behind-the-scenes content starting in May and continuing up to the game's release on September 9th. I wasn't planning on pre-ordering the game myself, but now that there's a club involved I might just have to. Or not.


    I will be getting this but it looks like it'll be coming out in Australia before Rock Band 2.

    I imported it from the US but seriously c'mon Harmonix get your act together. If you can do a simultaneous worldwide release with The Beatles then you could've done the same with Rock Band 1 and 2.

    Anyone seen a pre order anywhere in AU for this yet?
    I have checked JB, EB etc to no avail..

    I'm sure it'll be readily available on 9/9 but I want to pre order the Gretsch and Rickenbackers also..

      Was wondering that myself. I want it all! All the guitars and mic's and drums. JB etc dont even know about it.

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