The Chronicles Of Riddick On PC Has A Ridiculous Install Limit

Oh look. Another PC game with a pointlessly restrictive limit on the number of installs. Aren't these kind of stories just heart-warming?

Irate users on the forums of both publisher Atari and developer Starbreeze are complaining that Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena only allows you to install it on three machines. After that, sorry.

Atari's response? That if you use your three installs and need more, and have legitimate reasons for needing more, you need to contact their helpline. Just so you can install a game that you own.


[Atari Forums]
[Starbreeze Forums]


    This DRM thing is ridiculous. I am no longer going to purchase your game. though i really wanted to I will not support drm, so I guess there is only one alternative. I expected better from you guys.

    makes me wish they would just use steam.

    Maybe I'm just weird, but I'm not sure why people are annoyed that they can only install the game on THREE machines. I mean, you only need it on ONE machine to play it, right?

    @ Karachi King
    Yes, you only need one machine to play it at one time, but if you continue to uprade your PC and want to re-install, then it gets annoying.

    However, the main point is that this is a game you OWN, and you should be able to install it as many times as you wish. The developers are, essentially, treating the common consumers as criminals. The DRM issue is one that has attracted flak for a long time.

    @Drunkspleen- ubisoft have a 5 install limit on Far Cry 2 on Steam, so even that platform isn't free of this cancer.

    Honestly, I think the "common consumer" probably IS a criminal (in terms of piracy). If you upgrade your computer so often that you buy three new machines before even finishing ONE game, I think you are probably spending way too much on hardware.

    Besides, the article clearly states that if you have legitimate reasons for needing more installs, you just need to contact Atari's helpline.

    Something like this is put in place to prevent illegal copies of the games. However doing so pushes more people to actually download the game instead of buying it, Everything that game devs do to prevent illegal downloads of the games are going to backfire just like this one. If i am going to upgrade my motherboard i will need to re-install it. Along with everything else i lose when upgrading. And i need to ring up Atari to be able to re-install it? Pathetic. People will just download a cracked version of the game to bypass this crap. I myself WILL buy the game as i loved the original. But stuff like this really needs to be thought out more by the devs.

    It seems to have a country restriction on it atm aswell. Not available to install in Australia. sux.

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