The Dishwasher Rewards You For Peter Moore-ing

The Dishwasher Rewards You For Peter Moore-ing

This week’s Xbox Live Arcade addition The Dishwasher features a great shout out to EA Sports bossman Peter Moore, formerly of Microsoft and Rock Band flub infamy. How does one get “The Peter Moore Achievement”?

Simply hit the Xbox 360 guide button “while playing a killer solo,” just like ol’ Pete did way back at E3 2007. For those who remember his somewhat clumsy on-stage Rock Band performance from the Microsoft keynote—as The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai developers clearly do—they’ll definitely appreciate the reference. We’re not sure how well Peter does, especially since he tried to correct that keynote mojo-killing delay of game at a later event.

Everyone else will just be slightly confused. Thanks for the heads up, Carlos.


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