The First Three Games You Can Play With MotionPlus

Earlier today Nintendo announced that they would start selling the MotionPlus snap-on for their Wii remotes on June 8, for US$20 a pop.

But Nintendo's first MotionPlus-supporting game, Wii Sports Resort, won't hit stores until a month and a half later for $50 for the game and add-on. So what's a gamer to do in the meantime.

As of now there are three third-party games coming out prior to the release of Wii Sports Resort that will support MotionPlus.

Sega's Virtua Tennis 2009 hits on May 19, Electronic Arts' Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 hits on June 16 and EA's Grand Slam Tennis hits on June 18.

Nintendo reconfirmed that Wii Sports Resort will still be the first title they make to support the add-on controller. And what about a new Wii Remote with MotionPlus built in?

"We have no plans for that at this time," Nintendo a rep tells us.


    So let me get this straight. Recommended retail price for a Wii remote is $69.95, the nunchuck is $29.95. That's the most expensive controller out of all 3 consoles and now they dare to ask you to pay an extra US $20 a pop. That would probably work out to an extra AUD $30 for something that should have been built into the remote right from the start.

    I own a Wii and I love it. I've got three controllers and I'm telling you right now I'm not spending another $90.

    Nintendo have enjoyed massive success with the Wii, DS and DSi and their just milking it for all it's worth by raising the price in some parts of the world, producing massive amounts of shovelware and bringing out tons of gimmicky stuff and special controllers.

    If they keep going like this they will lose all the customers that have stayed loyal from the beginning.

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