The Munchables Continues Relentless March Of Cuteness

Namco Bandai's The Munchables for the Nintendo Wii continues to dish out impossible levels of quirk and cuteness, nearly reaching critical mass with the latest trailers and screenshots.

The Munchables has managed to escape my radar up until now, having missed McWhertor's trailer post last month, as well as the first batch of screens. How I could have missed a picture of a pink puppy head wearing 3D glasses is completely beyond me. All I can say is now that I've gotten a taste of the eating space pirates to grow in order to eat bigger space pirates game play, I'm going to keep my eyes on the game until they drip from their sockets, melted by sheer adorability.

The Munchables is due out stateside on May 26th, Australian date TBC.

For screens, click the link.


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