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Wow. April is just terrible for new releases. After last week's pitiful two new games, this week finds us reaching for our thesaurus to find a word that means worse than pitiful.

Abject? Deplorable? Wretched? There's a few to choose from. Still, at least the one game out this week is actually quite decent.

New releases for the w/c April 13:

Phantasy Star Portable (PSP) What Is it? Continuation of the Phantasy Star Universe series, bringing the grind-heavy, loot-tastic co-op RPG experience to Sony's handheld. Should You Care? For those who are more interested in an RPG all about collecting gear and customising your character than discovering an interesting story.


    there is nothing wrong with Phantasy Star Portable...!!

    PS:P is a fairly solid romp, but it's at its best in multiplayer. If you have a group of friends who are willing to play the game with you, it's definitely worth it. I generally don't like handheld games but I've found it fairly enjoyable - I think someone who does like handheld games will find it very addictive. It plays a bit like a cross between PSO and PSU - like a more detailed PSO (greater variety in armour and weapons), or a dumbed down PSU (no synthesizing, towns are now entirely menu-driven). And it has a story if you play in story mode.

    Don't forget the Saints Row 2 DLC, that's where my money's going this week.

    Hey hey whats this David? the week isn't all that devoid. You missed out Stardocks upcoming game Demigod. Set to release tomorrow morning. A merge of WCIII Defense of the Ancients and Diablo II style play. With a modified Supreme Commander engine and dedicated ladder/player stats tracking it looks like its going to be a real killer too.

    Was about to write what you wrote although the retail release is still set to sometime in may. Only the digatal download is availiable now via there official website.

    Don't forget that Braid hit the PC over the weekend!

    Only 1 game out this week? WTF is going on?!?! I am a gamer that gets really bored really fast so I need new games as often as I can. I only ever finish games that are exceptionally good and such games are few and far between. This sucks!
    Oh well at least I've got Outrun to look forward to on the 360. Anything decent for PSN this week? That kung-fu game last week was total garbage! That lasted all of about 15mins on my system. Damn looks like I'll be playing UNO on the 360 for some time yet. arrgghh!!!!

    Heyheyhey David!
    Is there any news on what happened to the PSN release of Worms in Australia last week, a la, why it wasn't there when it was in every other PAL PSN store?!
    I've been wanting to play it since then, but alas, can't. (or be bothered buying it off the US PSN, I'd rather buy it off ours)

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