The Wii Is Perfect For Computer Illiterate Old People

Not that there is anything wrong with computer illiterate old people. Why our mother just asked us yesterday if it was difficult to use a PC mouse. Yes it is, we said. We lied!

The above ad is for phone carrier NTT Western Japan and is eye-roll inducing if you understand Japanese.

For those who don't speak Japanese, here is what's going on: The grandfather suggests that the family should go somewhere during the upcoming holiday. The little boy says he wants to go camping, so the mother tells the grandfather that they should go look for camping spots online. Then! Grandfather says, are you ready, "Grandpa doesn't use a computer."

The announcer comes on and tells everyone to relax because with NTT's internet service you can connect your Nintendo Wii to you television and use the internet that way. Using the Wii-mote is easy, the announcer points out, for those who think that using a computer is hard. Best of all, we're still not done folks, since it's on your TV, the size of the words is big — and everyone can look at the internet together in the living room. It's also easy to send messages and pictures via the Wii. Then some lady talks about how it's easy to use the Wii-mote and how they like that they words on big on their television screen.

For those who cannot connect the Nintendo Wii to the internet themselves (or use a computer for that matter!), NTT will set up your Wii — for a price. We won't be snide about this either as we're still having problems getting our Wii online. So hahahaha on us. Heavy handed advertising aside, the Wii is actually good for a quick TV-ready internet connection, so why not promote it that way? Also, at least those who buy the console and Wii Sports and that's it will get some use out of the machine.


    I agree with this article. My techie grandfather really loves to play his 6 moth old Wii. He always tell us that Wii keeps him strong and happy:)

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