There Are No Gays In Star Wars

BioWare take their Star Wars role-playing seriously. So seriously that the developers are shutting down talk on Old Republic's message boards about homosexuality, because it's a term that does "not exist in Star Wars".

Yes, if you care to trawl around the site, there are a few threads that either began as, or devolved into, discussion of how the game - or the game's future player base - would handle gay relationships. And those threads are now locked. A thread complaining about those threads being locked (along with the words "homosexual", "lesbian" and "gay" being censored on the boards) has now also been locked, with BioWare's community manager Sean Dahlberg posting succinctly:

As I have stated before, these are terms that do not exist in Star Wars.

Thread closed.

They do, uh, realise that the people actually playing the game do not exist in Star Wars either, right? They're real people? GLBT discrimination in forums? [SWTOR]


    Wow. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it impossible to have a male/male romance in Mass Effect despite the possibility for female/female?

    This seems like a really cheap way of... well, I don't know what this does. It doesn't avoid controversy, because it's quite apparently causing it. I don't buy their excuse at all. I'm sure they're going to be doing a lot of things in the game that don't currently exist in Star Wars canon - at least, I'd hope they are - so what's the problem with allowing for homosexuality?

      I'm of the opinion that the reason they didn't allow male/male relationships in Mass Effect is because all the pairings they did allow, can result in a child being born (the alien female in the female/female pairing can be impregnated by either gender). My bet is that you'll play as that kid in either the second or third game...

    I'm glad they aren't like every other company in the world who just bows over for gays.

      You mean like companies do for christians, whites, blacks, and every other racial minority or walk of life? Let's just keep pretending that gay people are less than human, just like every other non-white christian is treated.

      In other news, homosexuality really isn't a term that exists in Star Wars. It was never brought up by Lucas, and I'm sure BioWare and LucasArts aren't interested in making a political statement one way or another. Doesn't mean they condemn it, just means that they're not going to make a pariah out of themselves either way.

    If homosexuality existed in Star Wars, luke would still be in that swamp 'learning to use a light saber' from Yoda.

    And you know what? That would have been oddly facinating to watch... >_>

    I'm not saying I'm for or against there being gay relationships in this. But if I were a programmer and was told to render some male/male loving, I KNOW I wouldn't be able to do it. I think it would be very difficult to find programmers who would be willing to come on board for this one aspect of the game that really is just a side mission.

    I don't know, I always thought that there might be some gay SW characters roaming the SW Cantina in SW4 ;)

    Funny, things like "levelling up" and "experience points" don't exist in Star Wars, either...

    this annoys me a lot. they already allowed male+male and female+female pairings in Jade Empire. there's already a homosexual couple in the Star Wars novels published by Del Rey.

    why do this?

    The words are no longer censored,the post saying the terms no longer exist was deleted and replaced with "Thanks for bringing this issue with the filtering system to our attention. We’ve made some changes to the website filters that address your concerns. Should you see any more terms that are being improperly filtered, don’t hesitate to inform us." response from the same guy.

    There are at least 2 CANNON Homosexual characters in the SW universe. And they are Mandalorians none-the-less:

    and his Partner:

    In such a huge galaxy there are indeed same-sex groupings. And there are races that aren't even gendered.

    Hutts are A-sexual

    So, just look into it more and you will find that there is homosexuality in the Star Wars universe.

    I just posted this to the board, but it's got a pretty huge bearing on this story:

    Not to put more fuel on the fire, but if the original word filter was put in place in order to avoid the terms being used in a derogatory manner rather than as an affront to the GLBT community, then why am I able to write faggot poofter bumchum fudgepacker pansy pillowbiter dyke?

    There's your proof that it wasn't caused by a genuine desire to avoid causing offence, but rather by a homophobic mod.

    There are no mexicans in Star Wars. Should I start bitching and complaining about that, too?
    Get over yourselves... -_-

    Words are words, but the meanings behind exist in Star Wars. Any fan knows it, denying it is foolish.

    The forum was made for members, real people, not for Star Wars characters (which, by the way, do not exist in reality). Stating 'These words don't exist in Star Wars' is irrelevant; they're not posting as canon characters. Also, you'll notice the word 'heterosexual' was not banned, but the word 'heterosexual' can't exist either, can it?

    But at least they’ve fixed it now, so no real lasting harm done I shouldn’t think.

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