This Akihabara Electronic Billboard Is For Gaming

YouTube users vs. cell phone owners, FIGHT! Recently in geek paradise Akihabara, electronics giant Toshiba tested an interactive billboard game.

The game was played on an electronic display over the entrance of Akihabara electronics superstore Yodobashi Camera. Up to six players (cell phones and YouTube users) duked it out in a 90-second race to paint square on a grid and locate Toshiba mascot Pala-chan.

To play, folks in Akihabara called a phone number before the game started. YouTube users clicked a button on Toshiba's YouTube channel.

The tech was showing off digital signage that was able to handle real-time internet data. While this billboard was a one-off, Toshiba plans more interactive billboards in the future.

手持ちのケータイで操作—東芝がヨドバシAkibaの壁面ディスプレイでゲーム大会 [Nikkei via Pink Tentacle]


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