This Is How You Get Me Interested In A Transformers Game

I didn't want anything to do with the last Transformers game, partly because I'd heard it was awful, but mostly because it featured "movie" Transformers. Which are terrible, spindly things.

Call me a purist, call me an asshole, I don't mind, but when a Transformer looks like a Bionicle with a bone disease, it's not really a Transformer. This ruined the last film for me, I wasn't going to work to unlock them in the last game, and it even ruined the 2004 PS2 game based on the "Armada" series, which part of me knew was excellent, but other parts reviled because it starred the "wrong" Optimus Prime.

So it's heartening to hear that the developers behind the second Transformers game - the one based on the second live-action Transformers movie - will be incorporating a wide range of downloadable characters into the game. Not "unlockable". "Downloadable".

Sure, this will include characters from the Michael Bay film, but it's interesting that publishers Activision refused to confirm with MTV that these would be the only ones. Leaving us with the very real possibility that there would be downloadable characters from other Transformers timelines/mediums.

Like, say, the original series. Or, in my dreams, multiple series, from which I can build a Prime menagerie like the one above.

UPDATE - Yes, you could unlock some skins in the first game. But they were just re-skins. This sounds more like the (downloadable) introduction of all-new characters, which if Activision know what they're doing, will include Soundwave, Huffer and Seaspray.

Activision Planning 'Transformers' Character DLC [MTV]


    Currently I'm playing Transformer on my desktop and I really enjoy it!

    Idea: Include Unicron. So you will always win. ;)

    If this is the kind of morons that Kotaku employs, I'm never visiting this site again. You didn't like the PS2 Transformers game because the TFs weren't G1 (they looked exactly the same anyway!)? You didn't like the movie because of the robot design? I suppose you also didn't watch Beast Wars and TF Animated, two of the best cartoons I've ever watched, just because 'they're not vehicles' in one and 'they're all distorted' in the second.

    Screw you Luke, you're just as bad as those graphics whores who judge games on graphics first and gameplay second.

    @ MSV

    When you grow up with such an iconic cartoon such as original The Transformers, and pretty much keep the same weight of fandom for it throughout your life... Well yeah, you're not going to like it when they change the characters so drastically. So when you see a movie, or play a game that isn't the same storyline, or design as what you originally liked, you're um, you're allowed to not like it. It doesn't make you an elitist if you personally dislike the newer versions of it compared to you're favourite.

    And too your graphics comment. Someone who notices frame rates and graphics more than other people while playing- It can irk them through out the game and overshadow the gameplay. And vise versa :p

    Fans are clingy, complaining dipshits who will never ever be grateful for any concession you make. The moment you shut out their shrill, tremulous voices the happier you'll be for it.

    I suppose it's time to shut out Kotaku then.

    So, if someone offered you a Transformers game with really good gameplay, that alone would not get you interested in a new Transformers game? Yet if someone offered you some horrible piece of shit and included G1 characters that you had to pay extra for, you'd instantly love it?

    This is crazy! I can't believe people like this are allowed to work as game journos! What happened to gameplay first and graphics second? What happened to judging a game on it's own merits? I refuse to follow a site where every Transformers game will be judged like this regardless of gameplay.

    And for the record, Transformers on PS2 was a fantastic game. If you refused to play or enjoy it just because there were a few tiny, inconsequential, un-noticeable differences between Armada Optimus and G1 Optimus, that's your loss I suppose.

    @ George

    When I was a kid I loved G1. I watched the cartoon as often as I could and I owned heaps of toys. I am one of 'those people who grew up with G1', so don't try to explain to me what it's like to be a G1 fanboy because I am one.

    However, I don't discriminate against the newer incarnations of TF just because of that. In Beast Wars, the transformers were different but I still liked it because of the superior storytelling and characterisation. Same for TF Animated. I disliked the Armada/Energon cartoons, not because of the design of the transformers, but because I disliked the shows on their own merits.

    And I liked the transformers movie, because even though the robot designs were a bit dodgy and the film was a completely different canon to G1, I thought it was a great re-imagining of the franchise in it's own right. I also liked the transformers movie game on the DS, because it didn't matter if the TFs looked like 'Bionicles with bone disease', it was an open world transformers game and it made you feel like a transformer.

    I am a huge fanboy on many things, including transformers, but I always judge things on their own merits. I will not look at a new transformers movie or TV show and say 'I don't like this because it's not G1', I will actually give it a chance and see if it holds up as a standalone story. I will look at the characters and, instead of pointing out all the differences between them and their G1 counterparts, I will see if they hold up as standalone characters. Likewise, I will not look at a new transformers video game and say 'I won't play this because it's not G1', I will actually play the game and judge it based on gameplay. And honestly, that is what all self-respecting game journos should do. Hating something purely because it's not G1 without even giving it a chance makes you a narrow minded elitist, no matter what you say.

    Also, the new incarnations of TF are not 'changing the characters', they're creating new ones. And why shouldn't new TF shows and movies be allowed to create new, completely seperate storylines? I don't see why everyone wants to watch a hundred to-the-letter remakes of G1. And you said you're allowed to dislike something if it's different- as I've already explained, if you judge something on face value and hate it 'just because it's different', without even checking to see if the gameplay is good (or in the case of a film/TV show, the story and characters) you're simply being an arrogant elitist. Open your mind and see that a transformers film or TV show or game does not have to be G1 to be enjoyable in it's own right.

    The other problem I have is that Luke Plunkett is complaining about the most insignificant things. He said the TF game on PS2 was ruined because it had the wrong Optimus. Seriously, compare the two side by side. How different are they, really? In robot mode, they're basically identical. It's like he's hating the game just because his vehicle mode is a longnose truck instead of the other kind. He's completely disregarding the gameplay based on the tiniest, most insignificant, most inconsequential difference just because of his insane, irrational G1 fanboyism. That really offends me, because I would like to think journalists have more integrity than that.

    Also, if you only play video games based on G1 you'll end playing a bunch of really shitty games while overlooking really fun games such as TF on PS2 or TF Animated on DS. :P

    I just finnished watching allllll of generation 1 whole way through... I want this baaaad!

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