This Is Not Artwork From Mistwalker's Next Game

Mistwalker artist Kimihiko Fujisaka has put the kibosh on speculation that the artwork released on the developer's official site is part of the Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey co-creator's "new project."

"My illustrations and designs keep piling up without seeing the light of day. It happens a lot, but I think of it like medals of honour from battle," Fujisaka writes on his official Mistwalker page. The artist gives some indication that the piece may have been related to the canceled role-playing game Cry On.

"The project I had been working on never made it through to completion, and the one thing that I really realised was that I was very disappointed in my lack of skill", Fujisaka adds. "I'm also very sorry for the people who were hoping the project would get done."

Guess that means we won't be seeing any giant swords and dragons in future Mistwalker titles. Or will we?!

Fujisaka's Page [Mistwalker via Siliconera]


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