This Is The New Multi-Platform tri-Ace RPG

As teased last week, developer tri-Ace's new role-playing-game is End of Eternity, a collaboration between tri-Ace and SEGA.

Set in futuristic towering megapolis Bazel, EoE's main characters are 17-year-old Private Military Firm (PMF) mercenary Zefa, 26-year-old ex-solider Vashron and 19-year-old young woman Test Subject No. 20. She's escaped from a research facility where she was housed. All this set against the background of Bazel, which acts as an environment purifier to cleanse the pollution surrounding the Earth.

The game's a multi-platform title (Xbox 360 and PS3) and is slated for this winter. It's currently 65 percent complete.

Famitsu 20090410 [[email protected] Thanks Weils and GAF!]


    Zack and Tifa's hidden lovechild--Zefa.

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