This Is What The End of Eternity Looks Like

This Is What The End of Eternity Looks Like

Japanese developer tri-Ace, largely responsible for the Star Ocean series, is working with Sega on its newest role-playing game, End of Eternity. Sega showed off the game in Japan today, releasing all-new, all-pretty screens.


  • – Girls that look and dress like Aeris from that godawfull FF7
    – Mechas
    – GirlBoys with guns and flowy hair
    – Floating cities
    – FF7 Sepirooth loolikes
    – Emo expression on main girlboy character as he leans on things while contemplating matters

    Wow.. they’re.. really uh.. making JRPGS break new ground?


  • The End of Eternity is an awesome short story by Isaac Asimov – but this doesn’t look at all related sadly 🙁

  • Exactly what i was thinking shoitaan, it’s almost like ff7 meets fallout meets next-gen with a bit of placebo playing in the background (which sounds like a killer game to me) but sadly i don’t think this is it. So far the interface designs still look pretty functional, but i’m not sure how the gunplay only battle system will fare. Oh well i’ve been killing for a new Jrpg anyway, it’s been aggeees since i’ve played anything half decent

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