This Pretty Lady Is Promoting Puyo Puyo 7

SEGA has wrangled in another attractive human to help sell Puyo Puyo. Previously it was model Yuri Ebihara, and this time it's not.

Instead, actress Erika Toda will be the face of the new Puyo Puyo game, Puyo Puyo 7. Toda is best known for her role as Misa Amane in the feature films based on the Death Note manga.

According to 20-year-old, she's been a fan of the series for the past ten years. "It was great being able to ask about the game's back story," she said.

Toda will be appearing in the Puyo Puyo 7 ads and whatnot. Good for her.

『ぷよぷよ7』のプロモーションキャラを務める戸田恵梨香は『ぷよぷよ』10年来のファン [Famitsu]


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