'Tis The End Of Ubidays?

The thrill of corporate self-promotion, Ubisoft style—otherwise known as "Ubidays"—won't be happening this year. Why? The French publisher already has enough overblown, game-pimping grandeur in the form of the revitalised E3.

MCV reports that Ubisoft's two-day media event won't be happening in 2009 because the company believes, courtesy of established trade shows like E3 and Tokyo Game Show, "that we'll have great outlets to present our creativity and innovation to a worldwide audience." Previous Ubidays events attracted over 1,000 journalists and industry execs, introducing the world to Beyond Good & Evil 2 and the new Prince of Persia in 2008.

Clearly, Ubisoft is hoping that the return to form for the E3 Expo will eliminate the need for single-publisher media events, many of which were held in response to the downsizing of E3 in 2007 and 2008.

"The video game business will be twice as big in 2009 as it was in 2006 when we had the last real E3 Expo - so get ready for some fireworks!" said president of Ubisoft North America Laurent Detoc when E3 2009 was officially announced.

Ubisoft drops Ubidays [MCV]


    Ya know, as much as they like to milk franchises, I love Ubisoft.
    I could possibly place them in top 3 developers.

    Ya have Bungie & Valve & Rockstar who only release titles every now & then and spend years developing - Ubisoft also spend a long time but can still produce a great game with only 2 or less years production.

    I really hope they release an Advanced Warfighter 3 and Vegas 3 and then leave those story arcs of Ghost Recon & Rainbow Six to rest and then start something different with each. As much as i would love something different, i really believe as great games they are - they should be finished off in a trilogy, especially Vegas even though there wasn't much as a cliffhanger at the end of Vegas 2.

    AND HURRY UP WITH SPLINTER CELL CONVICTION ALREADY!!!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!! I want it before Assassin's Creed 2.

    Hope they show off some F&(*ing Splinter Cell Conviction this year, If not to hell with Ubisoft.

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