Tomb Raider Lifetime Sales Show Off Lara Croft's Biggest Hits

Lara Croft's many adventures have seen numerous highs and lows—from a sales standpoint, that is. After debuting strong with 1996's Tomb Raider, the series has had some hits and misses. What was Lara's biggest miss?

According to recently released lifetime sales figures from Eidos' new owner Square Enix, it was Tomb Raider Anniversary, released in 2007. Somewhat surprising, considering that game was actually quite good, in contrast to Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness, which was not good in almost any sense. Anniversary was even outsold by the phoned-in Chronicles, when Eidos still grunted out yearly sequels.

Lara's appeal has definitely become more selective over the past 13 years, as shown in Square Enix's report on Eidos star franchise.

Square Enix has also revealed lifetime to date sales figures for Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts, which number crunchers will want to file away in the unoccupied areas of their brains.


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