Turbo: The Video Game Movie Not Based On A Real Video Game

While most video game film adaptations suck, the low-budget, high-gloss Turbo has the advantage of not being based on an existing game. The Tron meets The Karate Kid short was filmed for under $100,000.

According to the official site, the plot is your standard fighting film stuff, not unlike a high-tech Bloodsport, in which the world's best Super Turbo Arena players—that's a 4D fighting game, by the way—go head-to-head to see who's best (of the best). There's lots of digitally added pretty lights and motion control insanity throughout the trailer, the kind of stuff we'll likely see when the WiiStation 9000 finally ships.

According to our bros at Gizmodo, the game movie's effects were crafted by a four-man team over the course of five months. But who knows how long the actors in the student film had to sit in a hairdresser's chair to get their hair to look like that.

Here's the trailer. It's pretty damn slick.

You can read more about it at Turbo's official site. Those of you in the Los Angeles greater metropolitan area can see the premiere later this month.

Turbo [Official Site - thanks, Danny!]


    Looks cheesy, camp and B-grade.
    I must see it.

    "that's a 4D fighting game, by the way"

    The Playstation 3 has come of age, then?

    Lol scruffy, It does doesnt it.
    Gona check out that site now.

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