Ubisoft Officially Announces Assassin's Creed 2 For Holiday 2009

We already know most of the details, but today Ubisoft officially announced Assassin's Creed 2, due out this holiday on all "current-generation platforms."

In Assassin's Creed II gamers will take on the role of Ezio, a privileged young noble in Renaissance Italy who's been betrayed by the rival ruling families of Italy, in a quest for vengeance.

The press release promises a game set in an open world environment with more variety in missions,new gameplay elements, diverse weapons and character progression. The game has already been in development for more than two years by the original creative team behind the original title, Ubisoft says.

"Our creative team is working hard to top the experience of Assassin's Creed," said Patrice Desilets, creative director at Ubisoft. "We've made improvements to every aspect of the game. We've plunged ourselves into the stunning history of the Italian Renaissance so that we can offer fans a unique, varied and innovative Assassin's Creed experience."


    What do you mean by this holiday? Is that the XMAS holidays or the US June, July, August holidays?

    Since when did Altair grow his finger back???!!!


    "In Assassin's Creed II gamers will take on the role of Ezio..."

    @Brad: That's not Altair - that's Ezio. Altair lived in 1191, where Ezio lived in the 1400's.

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