Valkyria Chronicles *Might* Get A Sequel

SEGA title Valkyria Chronicles has spawned toys, an art book, an anime. Next up? The inevitable sequel.


Even though the game's sales were disappointingly low, VC producer Ryutaro Nonaka has expressed interest in making another title. This isn't confirmation of another Valkyria Chronicles, but the producer admitted that he didn't want to show at just one title.

Originally released last year, Valkyria Chronicles is a tactical role-playing-game set in wartime Europa, a fictional version of Europe, during the 1930s.

Sega Interested in Valkyria Chronicles Sequel [Kombo via VideoGamesBlogger]


    VC didn't leave my PS3 drive for at least a month after I got it. It is the first tactics game I've played where I can attribute just about every mission failure to human error and gambles not paying off rather than stat pumped enemies and cheap shots (hi, Disgaea!)

    In short I was rapt to hear about the DLC and a sequel would be brilliant! Here's hoping.

    Sadly the Producer of the game has no real say in whether or not there will be a sequel. Sammy decides that.

    The anime will help it in Japan but a VC2 may be unlikely to get a Western release. Given that the game was released in Japan nearly a year ago, you would think a sequel would have been greenlighted by now.

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