Valve Takes The Piss With Team Fortress 2 Sniper Class Update

Valve's Team Fortress 2 team pranksters have joined in on the April Fool's Day fun, issuing what is (thankfully) not the Sniper class' first unlockable, the jar of urine known as the Jarate. No shit.

First seen in the "Meet the Sniper" promo video, the Jarate, if it were real, would let enemies "taste your power." The more devastating effects of the Mason jar filled with the liquid karate of human waste include the ability to "wreak havoc on your opponent's mental state, psychological well-being and trust in the inherent goodness of his fellow man."

The alt-firing method appears to paralyse enemies with "embarrassment and confused rage." Perhaps the ultimate culmination of the joke would be making this thing real. I say go for it!

A sneak preview of the next class update! [TF2 Blog - thanks, Nick & Jiwan]


    The 100% Made In New Zealand was a nice touch, what with us claiming many of New Zealand's exports.

    Lol I laugh at you Australians stealing our stuff. Can't you make your own.

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