Velvet Assassin Celebrates Gold Status With New Screens

Southpeak Games has announced that Velvet Assassin, as every single game before it, has gone gold. The publisher celebrates this accomplishment with new screens, including one of heroine Summer Violette stabbin' Nazis in the chest.

While that may be enough to sell you on the World War II era game, the publisher's proclamation that Velvet Assassin "excels in its ability to make players feel something more than just gameplay" might just send you into a tizzy.

Interestingly, nowhere in the press release announcing the game's imminent release—it ships to retailers on April 30th—is the word "stealth" mentioned. Sure, "clandestine acts" are mentioned, as is Violette's need to "sneak her way into heavily guarded Nazi strongholds" but one might think the S-word is passe!


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