Virtual On 360 GamePlay Clip May, Yes, Virtually Turn You On


    Anyone else think that this reminds them of gotcha force?

    Is anyone else totally psyched about this? It looks almost like a souped up version of Custom Robo Arena (DS)... without the Custom.

    Another thing, though. I'm far, FAR more likely to grab this having seen 90 seconds of actual gameplay than having seen some cut-up, heavily edited, largely CG trailer like you get for most games. Do other people have thoughts on the matter? Do you guys prefer the blockbuster trailers that impress, or the simple gameplay that sells itself?

    Man, it hurts just watching the person play Apharmd B so badly! I'm a B player, so I was just enjoying the vid of VOOT, but at the same time inwardly screaming "No! Go close combat you foo! Center trigger! Center trigger!"

    A friend of mine is modding a pair of Saturn twinsticks for the 360, once he's done, I'm getting the crossbox. See you guys online :)

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