What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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The magical sound shower of nostalgia is calling me this weekend.

I’ll be drifting through the sun-drenched California coastline thanks to the Outrun re-release on Xbox Live Arcade.

When the heat and the glare all gets a bit much, I’ll also be checking out some early code of Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena. Keen to see just how well the original Escape From Butcher Bay holds up some four years later.

How about you? What are you checking out this weekend? Oh, and feel free to swap Live Gamertags and PSN IDs in the comments if you wanna hook up with fellow Kotaku-ites.


  • I saw Out Run 2006: Coast to Coast for only $10 on the PC a while back. Bought it on a whim and to my surprise, it turned out to be an absolute blast. A gamepad or wheel is a must though, if only for more of an arcade experience.

    Might whip that out again this weekend. Also trying out the Fast and Furious mod for Warsow and for the hell of it, might grab a random free MMO to mess around in.

  • I’ll be trying RE5 on Pro, I’m up to the trainyard level (getting fed up with the AI), if anyone wants to play hit me up, PSN ID: peaky01

    Also I dusted off my copy of Warcraft III/Frozen Throne, might go play some custom maps with some mates

    Peace out

  • Bunging through Hitman: Blood Money again while chipping away at Broken Sword. Great games, the pair of them.

  • Valkyria Chronicles all the way! Best game I’ve played in a long long time… Hoping to finish today and get stuck into the DLC tomorrow. If only it had multiplayer 🙁

  • Glad to see I’m not the only one going back to the collection instead of picking up something new. I suppose it helps that there’s nothing even remotely decent out now 🙁

    Taking a break from SF4 to work on assignments and play through the second half of DMC4 (I stopped playing it after the characters changed hands).

  • Briefly playing Persona 4 but spending most of my time doing a physics lab write up on the Hall Effect. Hall, whoever you are, I hate you!

  • Finished the Braid demo and was impressed enough to pick the full game up. Should keep me busy for a fair while.

  • Going to play through Overlord on PC, picked it up a few weeks ago on Steam, on the cheap and it looks like some easy going fun. Dead Space needs some love too, gotta get back into that…… but Sunday Im off to a mates house and a few of us are going to get into some SF4 and a few other games, good times.

  • All this Starcraft 2 stuff is getting me giddy for RTS again!
    I want to play a starcraft type game, a good RTS space game…
    What is out there?

    Should I just play Starcraft or is there something not from 10 years ago that plays just as well?

  • Good choice Liz, but I’ll be pew pew-ing my way through GTA: Vice City Stories on the PSP this weekend. Mmmmm, splosions……

  • Clearing out the Capitol Building in Fallout 3, saving up for a Cobweb Duster in Psychonauts and dealing with Joey’s attitude in Beneath A Steel Sky.

  • Here’s a question: why should I care about playing OutRun Online when I could play Outrun 2006: Coast 2 Coast, and playing online against friends isn’t a concern?

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