What Does A Slew Of Dream C Club Screenshots Give The World?

An animated GIF, that's what. Japan's D3 Publisher released over seventy screens of character Riho upcoming drink-with-hostess-Xbox-360-game Dream C Club — from the exact same scene. And we're not quite sure why.


No, we take that back. We are very sure why. It's didn't take long before the screens were pieced together by the Japanese internet and, viola, we now have a clip of the game's karaoke bit at 30 frames-per-second.

Dream C Club is set in a hostess bar. The Xbox 360 title lets players spend weekends getting wrecked with the saucy cabaret ladies that work at the club.

In Dream C Club, players go to a hostess bar for a year, working odd jobs during the weekdays to save money to spend on your nightlife.

The game features a drinking system called "IIS," which has players control their drinking using the Xbox 360 controller's analogue stick and try to get the hostess boozed up so she'll talk about personal things she normally wouldn't. "IIS" stands for "Interactive Inshu System" with "inshu" being Japanese for "drinking alcohol."

The system for talking with the hostess is called "ETS" (Emotional Talk System) and gives players three response choices using the X, A, and B buttons on the Xbox 360 controllers.

It's also possible to have girls get on stage and sing karaoke for players — as in the seventy plus screenshots.

Here's the animated GIF. Enjoy?

Xbox 360用ソフト『ドリームクラブ』の登場キャラクター"理保"の動きを連続写真でチェック! [Famitsu Thanks, Muu!]


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