What Have You Been Playing This Weekend?

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The long weekend's a good time to dive into those epic games you rarely have the time to play. It's also a good way to escape the relatives.

My Easter game of choice has been Oblivion. I played it to death on the 360 when it was first released. Since then I've picked up the PC version and a whole hard drive full of mods. It's like I'm seeing a whole different game now.

What have you been playing this long weekend?


    I too have been playing Oblivion PC, well, barely, but I don't wanna get into a long rant about crap PC. and I've also been playing around with the EP2/Portal/TF2 Novint Falcon betas. Yes, I have one. And it's awesome.

    Don King Boxing on Wii. Shoot me NAOW.

    Banjo Kazzoie Nuts and Bolts

    Picked this up on Thrusday (from 4 traded in games I might add)and haven't put it down since. Being a fan of Garrys Mod, the vehicle building aspect had me by the unspeakables from the get go, and all of my forbodings melted away.

    The game truely is worthy of the Banjo and Rare titles, though the whole game feels only 3/4 finished. They'd better make a sequel because every aspect of the game is ripe for expansion.

    Well, I just completed MadWorld. It get's a bit tricky towards the end, but pretty satisfying over all. I've already replayed a few of the levels, and definately will be going back and playing them some more.

    Just finished Farcry2, great game. Gotta look at what to play next have a bunch of unfinished/unstarted games to get into.

    Thrashed the crap out of Killzone 2 Online.
    Very pleased.

    Been playing Fable 2, few hours in the game, out of frustration I decided to make my own world map, one that could picture albion as a whole and be understood.

    I had a few spare dollars lying around so I decided to check out Giants: Citizen Kabuto from GOG and see what all the fuss was about.

    Finished it this morning and have to say it's a pretty fun game with some hilarious dialogue. The last levels as Kabuto aren't as great as the ones with Baz and Delphi, but going "OMNOMNOMNOMNOM" as you scarf down peeps comes pretty close.

    I have been playing Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. It holds up incredibly well for a 5-year-old glitched-out game, and the whole faction/clan/morality set up is still more advanced than most modern games.

    Malkavians 4 life. Or Unlife.

    Street Fighter 4

    Decided to give up trying to be good with Vega as there's so much skill can do before you get smashed regardless due to poor character choice. So I started learning a new character from scratch. I chose Chun-Li. Its nice to be able to take a tiger knee to the face and not lose 1/5th of my health :P

    Finished my first playthrough of Demon's Souls (highly, highly recommended if you're an RPG fan btw - the Asian version's also in full English, and I got my copy at Game Traders) and am playing through Persona 4 before I go on with the New Game+

    I hope you're using "no fast travel" mods and Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul, David! ;-)

    *applauds your choice of game*

    @Ben Abraham

    Oscuro's, Martigen's, Realistic Levelling, all the Unique Landscapes plus a whole bunch of quests and other new content. Superb.

    Well after messing about on TF2 tonight I think I will finally finish off Fallout 3(PC) before I do anything else.

    Finished The Godfather II over the weekend. Not a bad game by any means. I also played as much Wanted: Weapons of Fate that I ever care to. A few hours ago I got to and completed level 50 in Horde on GoW2. And throw in a little Left 4 Dead, 3 on 3 Hockey, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and Halo 3.

    Easter is awesome.

    I picked up Banjo Kazooie from XBLA, and it's been sucking my weekend away since. Absolutely wonderful game.

    I closed all the blinds and played fallout 3 for 3 days, is it safe to go outside yet? has the radiation gone?

    Far Cry 2

    I'm 85% of the way through, and I was just given a choice of bumping off one of two major players after a mini regime change - Wildgoose and H2oGatesy, hopefully you know where I'm at. I wonder if I made the right choice, or if it'll affect the ending, or just how my relationship with the Jackal is going to evolve. Whatever the outcome, I'm excited.

    Also busted out the PS one classics, Rollcage and Destruction Derby 2.

    I managed to get a few mates together to finally play Zelda: Four swords. What a fantastic experience. That's if you have 4 players with 4 gameboys and 4 link cables. Also found a SNES converter so I can play my Chrono Trigger and Mario RPG.

    Picked up Overlord cheap from Game a week or so ago. Lots of fun, it's like the bad version of Fable 2, the worlds look so similar, but with a heap of gibbering minions instead of a dog, and the villages are way less annoying. Also had my best killing spree in Halo 3 thanks to the free live weekend and zombie mode.


    I found the final battle pretty easy, but that somehow made it seem incredibly satisfying.

    Quake Live pretty much, plays just like Quake 3 and its on a freaking browser!

    where you get demon's soul? could you give me a link? i've given up on play asia.


    Been busy part of the weekend but started playing GTA IV again and I just downloaded Piyotama, Riff: Everyday Shooter, Elefunk, Toy Home and Dark Mist off the PSN so I'll be giving them a go shortly.

    @ Peter You're absolutely right it is a wonderful game. One of the best N64 games IMO. Can't wait for Banjo-Tooie. It's supposed to be out this month but so far all we've got is a trailer. After it gets released and I finish it I'm finally going to get onto Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts.

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