What Possible Harm Could One Insane, Mutant Pair Of Sneakers Do?

If there's one thing guaranteed to please our ageing eyes more than a pair of Monkey Island-themed Chuck Taylors, it's a pair of Day of the Tentacle-themed Chuck Taylors.

They're once again the work of the talented Maya Plisetskaya, who once again has us wishing Lucasarts spent less time licensing shitty Star Wars games and more time licensing classic game memorabilia.

You can even buy them if you like, but the cheeky Miss Plisetskaya has them priced at €250, which works out to be a whopping 330 of your American dollars.

I might save my cash and wait for the Full Throttle pair.

Maniac Fashion: Day Of The Tentacle Shoes [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


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