What's New About PS3 Tales of Vesperia?

Yes, we know there's a pirate girl named Patty Fruel. But there's got to be more to separate the upcoming PS3 version with the Xbox 360 one released last year. Well, there is.

• While the Xbox 360 version did not have full voice, the PS3 version will.

• One voice actor even said the additional voice script for the PS3 version was almost as long as the whole Xbox 360 voice script.

• New cutscenes and subplots are expected to be added, plus new outfits as well.

• The PS3 version will tie-in with the upcoming anime.

• The new character was of course created by illustrator Kousuke Fujishima, who designed the other Vesperia characters and who is best known for creating manga You're Under Arrest. Fujishima also did character design for SEGA series Sakura Wars. Fujishima has done character work for Tales of Phantasia, Tales of Symphonia and Tales of the Abyss as well as the previously mentioned Tales of Vesperia.

PS3版『テイルズ オブ ヴェスペリア』追加要素にファミ通のライターさんも複雑な気持ちらしい [my game news flash]


    So, if PS3 owners get extras for waiting so long, how about PAL 360 owners too? Oh sorry, for a second there I thought they might actually be apologetic for screwing us over. My bad.

    isn't the PAL 360 due out this year? i want this ps3 version localised pleeeasssee, with japanese voices!


    The 360 version is due to hit PAL territories in June. The PS3 version has only been announced for Japan at this stage.

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