What’s On Good Game TV Tonight?

What’s On Good Game TV Tonight?


He forgot was too busy to send me a show preview last Monday, but Junglist is back this afternoon with a sneak preview of tonight’s episode of Good Game TV.

Here’s what you can expect on Monday night’s Good Game:

MadWorld – It’s that classic story of a futuristic game show, where killing is your answer for everything, and a chainsaw is your buzzer. Stylised in black & white, MadWorld already has a reputation for being exceptionally gory… but is it any good? Godfather 2 – Just when you finish the first one, they pull you back in. Experience the open-world again under Michael Corleone.

Wallace & Gromit – Adorable, interactive claymation? Only these two can pull it off… Wanted: Weapons of Fate – There are innumerable assassin games. But this one has a hook – you take your orders from a mystical loom. Not good enough? We’ll see if the “curved bullet” system draws you in…

Chiptunes – All that and we meet some musicians who perform & record their stuff with dated gaming chips.

Don’t forget you can download any episode of Good Game at www.abc.net.au/goodgame – or catch us Monday nights at 8:30pm on ABC2, or late Friday nights on ABC1 just before rage.

Enjoy the show!


  • I’ve got to admit, when I didn’t see the update last week I simply assumed it wasn’t on haha. But then I went to iview and was like “Oh hey, a new episode!”

  • @ Pat
    Their ratings would beg to differ.

    I like that the show doesn’t take itself too seriously — the guys have fun with it, they know their stuff, and I’m glad they’re not afraid to be a little lame from time to time. It makes the show fun to watch.

  • I never used to watch the show, but i’ve really been digging this season. I think they do a great job.. some gags are hit and miss but overall pretty funny. I also like how they cover the local industry and I dont find it too immature.. im 29. Good to have the updates on Kotaku as well keep it up.

  • I have certainly grown to like the show a lot more over the second year (or is it 3rd?).

    My one (tiny) complaint is that I wish they would get rid of the rubber chickens scoring system. I know it doesn’t make to much sense but for me it is just a bridge too far in regards to cringe worthiness.

    Love most of their over humour tho, particularly the quick cut aways they seem to be doing more of around the ABC.

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