Which Would You Prefer: New Games Or Sex?

Silly science alert! British online store PS3PriceCompare (so, no, not exactly Nielsen) has polled 1,130 "men in relationships", asking about games and sex. Their answers? As depressing as they are expected.

Question 1: "Which would you prefer; sex with your partner or an evening playing video games?"

Results: 32% of men (and these are men in relationships) said they'd prefer to play the games. Sad, but remember. These are men in relationships. Which for many probably means marriage.

Question 2: "Which would you prefer; sex with your partner or an evening playing a new video game?"

Results: Ah, here, it gets interesting. A whopping 72% said they'd take the new game, preferring that new game smell over... other smells.

Again, remember, these are not single men. Nor is this hard science. But 1,130 people is still a decent sample size, so the results are still interesting!

Third 'prefer video games to sex' [PA]


    Game it up that night, then wake up with a nice sex before breakfast. Sounds too good to be true.

    I must admit I've spent a lot of time thinking about picking up RA3 Ultimate lately

    The question is flawed because it offers "an evening" of playing games which really could mean about 6 hours of straight gaming. So the question is weighted towards playing games. If the time for both "acts" was the same. Surely men would choose sex over gaming.

    to kill that last demon and watch your girl leavin'?
    or ditch heavy guns for some heavy breathin'?
    to rock the headboard or leave her sleepin'?
    to lock the door or unlock achievements?

    I wrote a song about this article:


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