Widescreen Games Halts Work On Console Witcher

While not exactly confirmation of yesterday's cancellation rumour, French developer Widescreen Games has announced the suspension of development on The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf due to "financial problems".

With CD Projekt Red mum on the rumours of the game's cancellation, French development partner Widescreen games have issued a press release addressing the fate of Rise of the White Wolf. The company indicates that financial difficulties between the partners involved in the game's creation have caused them to halt progress for the time being. Note that the following quote is a translation of the original French press release.

"The development of the game The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf was suspended for the duration of the resolution of financial problems between the various partners of the project. We regret this event particularly in regards to the fans who awaited this title impatiently. I hope that we will find a solution in good understanding with our recent and historical partners on this ambitious project," explained Olivier Masclef, manager of the company Widescreen Games.

We once again contacted CD Projekt Red for their comment on this latest development, only to receive another "no comment".

So while the game isn't technically cancelled, according to Widescreen Games it definitely isn't progressing at the moment. We expect CD Projekt Red to issue its own statement in the near future.

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