WIN! The Chronicles Of Riddick: Assault On Dark Athena


Kicked off our Riddick giveaway yesterday. Asked you to design a postcard Riddick might send back from his travels. Here's a few entries we've already received.

And, remember, if you can do better than these guys, then you just might win a copy of the game on PS3 or Xbox 360.

riddick mr explody.jpg

Riddick Josh.jpg

riddick damien russell.jpg

Hmm, I'm thinking you can certainly do better... (No offence, guys!).


    LOL at the first one :)

    I guess I won't be winning then (mine is the second one).


    Ummm, I totally did do better. So whatevz.

    Is mine not displayed because of the language? Was it rejected? If so I'll come up with something else.

    LOL at the typo on the last one. Actually, just LOL at the last one.

    already sent mine in w00t

    @Ingram, Azanode

    I just picked the first three entries to publish. None have been ruled out from winning at this stage.

    mine cant have been good since it wasnt even shown here

    I'm a fan of the second one. Although they're all pretty special for one reason or another :)

    I sent two, hope they make it :)

    @ David Wildgoose: Alright, just wondering in case mine was offensive or something :P

    @ Steve:
    The last one is supposed to have the typo... meant to be writing rush

    Sent mine too...I too had a typo(apart from having an intentional one)

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