You Want Your Dead Space Original Or Extra Crispy?

You Want Your Dead Space Original Or Extra Crispy?

It’s been two weeks since we had anything to say about Dead Space: Extraction, so EA has seen fit to send out new screens to keep the Wii exclusive on the radar.

In case you can't be arsed to go back and read through the EA Spring Break Event impressions, here's a couple of highlights:

1) The Wii Remote functions as your glow stick that you have to keep shaking to light up dark rooms (hence the pun in that headline).
2) There will be single-screen local co-op.
3) Lexine's chances of survival look pretty low.

These new screens still don't show any of the promised new enemies or weapons — and really, you torch one slasher, you've torched ‘em all — but what there is to see certainly is… shocking.

Sorry, had to do it. Between inFamous news and TASER lawsuits, we're going to be getting a lot of electricity jokes.

Dead Space: Extraction is due out late 2009.


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