'Young' Velvet Assassin Trailer Feels Old, Sounds Awful

If you watch the new extended trailer for Velvet Assassin and feel a strange sense of deja-vu, there's a reason for that. Sadly, that reason doesn't make the trailer any better.

This three-minute, 28-second extended version of the last Velvet Assassin trailer we saw skips the Winston Churchill-ish speech and focuses on the music — Hollywood Undead's "Young." I can't say that that does the game any good since the lyrics have even less to do with World War II spies than Michael Jackson's "Thriller."

Most of the footage is recycled, but you will see the fabled taint-stab, the frolicking morphine vision and probably more over-the-shoulder shooting scenes than you'll actually see in the game (Velvet Assassin is supposed to be a stealth game, not a shooter).

But what really bugs me about this trailer is that it feels like a me-too of the Gears of War trailer that used Gary Jules' cover of "Mad World," only crappy — like the Assassin's Creed me-too that uses "Lonely Soul" from Unkle.

Oh well, enjoy it anyway.

And if I seem a little snippy and a lot late on my usual posting time, I apologise — my house got burgled :(


    At least Mad World and Lonely Soul are good songs.

    ...and sorry to hear about the burglary.

    Bloody hell!

    I'm trying to watch the video and the stupid page does its ad refresh >:(

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