Zeno Clash To Get DLC, Editor

Crazy Chilean first-person-brawler Zeno Clash has been making people happy on Steam all week, but the happiness is short-lived, as the game is short. So the developers are releasing DLC and an editing suite.

In an interview with LagZero, ACE Team's Andres Bordeu says that the team "definitely...want to do" more Tower challenges, along with some "other things" they're not willing to discuss yet. He stresses that any and all DLC will be free.

Bordeu also says they're planning on "releasing a compatible SDK so users can edit levels and other assets", which given the assets on hand, should lead to some kooky, kooky stuff.

For those still on the fence about the game, our review will be up next week.

Las primeras 24 horas de Zeno Clash: ACE nos habla de un posible DLC y SDK [Audio Exclusivo] [LagZero, via Shacknews]


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