Zombie Slashing Bikini Cowgirl Game Movie Gets Sequel

Last spring autumn, a movie based on D3's cowgirl-in-a-hat-killing-zombies game Onechanbara hit theatres. It was even localised as Chanbara Beauty for Western audiences.

While pretty much panned universally, the cheesy low budget flick was good old fashioned mindless fun. Guess it was successful enough to warrant a sequel, which has just been announced.

Dubbed Chanbara Beauty: VorteX, the flick seems based on the game by the same name. By "seems", we mean, there's cowgirl Aya, swords, blood and the walking dead — much like in the VorteX. Though, we cannot vouch for plot accuracies.

Starlet Eri Otoguro who played Aya in the first film appears to have been replaced by some other lady. Fingers crossed she sticks around for the inevitable third Chanbara flick.

Onechanbara The Movie [Official Site via 24Framespersecond via J-Film Pow-Wow]


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