50 Cent Wants To Make A Game (That Doesn't Feature 50 Cent)

Former "rapper" now "multimedia personality" Curtis James Jackson III has already been the star of two video games. But he wants to be involved in more! Just, not ones where he's the star.

Speaking with MTV, Fiddy says that he's already had talks with publisher THQ about the possibility of some day being "a part of designing and marketing a video game I'm not actually in".

We thought Spielberg would do something with aliens and/or explosions, and ended up doing... coloured blocks. Wonder what 50 can come up with?

50 Cent Hoping For Sequel To 'Blood On The Sand' Video Game [MTV]


    Good idea, I've heard his last game wasn't that bad, but I just wouldn't touch it because it 's fifty cent. It's like anti-appeal to me.

    It wouldn't bug me at all if he just made it and wasn't in it.

    Weird huh?

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