900,000 Castle Crashers And Counting

As of this weekend more than 900,000 players have crashed castles in The Behemoth's Xbox Live Arcade title Castle Crashers. Can you guess when they'll hit the one million mark?

That's what the developer is asking fans in the latest blog posting over at The Behemoth Blog, where they've been keeping an eye on the number of players showing up on the Castle Crashers leaderboards. With 900,000 players crashing in the eight months following the game's release, they're asking players to post their guesses as to when they'll reach the big one million. The closest guess in their forums come the big day will win... something.

I'm not sure yet what the prize will be for this... but rest assured. it will be awesome, nay… SPECTACULAR! if there are lots of close entries, we will award lots of cool prizes.

It's not every day you get a chance to win something vaguely spectacular! Check out the blog posting at the link below to find out how this spectacular thing can be yours.

900,000 strong [The Behemoth via VideoGamer.com]


    Good to see all the tight arses here. They could have launched it at $2 and you would all be bitching it should be 50c by now. I would rather great games like this one launch at $15 and stay there except for XBLA "sale" periods than start at $60 and slowly float down to the "bargain" price of $15. The irony is many of you will mention what you're playing on your other consoles - the PS3 or the Wii or even your high end PC. Hundreds of dollars of hardware but you have the nerve to demand your discount because the game has been out a while. Grow up.

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