A Closer Look At Ashes Cricket 2009

ashes09_image28In case you missed it, Codemasters announced a new cricket game over the weekend.

Ashes Cricket 2009 will mark the first cricket sim to hit Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii. It's being developed by Melbourne's Transmission Games, whose track record includes several AFL games for PS2, and published by Codemasters, who were most recently responsible for the Ricky Ponting game a few years back.

Atari Australia has just sent us some new screenshots. How accurate are the player likenesses?





    this doesnt make sense, since when does the crowd stand up and applaud a rather dismall hit.

      Totally agree with you here. Although it does make it look better for the game. Make it for fun to play when you DO hit a 6 or 4.

      However, if it's a pack of mates all dresses in their Green & Gold - then the crowd do get up and cheer. Chant the AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE. & when that 4 or 6 is hit, they go wild. But i've never seen a whole stadium rise like here.

    Looks nice, but we need more detail about the gameplay and physics. If it's another cricket game where you hit every ball in the same spot for 4 until you somehow go out then no thanks. AI fielders are another area that has had me throwing controllers in despair in the past.

    Perhaps I'm just un-Australian, but I'd rather wax my legs than have to sit through cricket. It's ok to play in real life, but in a game? No thx.

    argh botoxed faces




    Check the following QA session with the Lead Developer and Producer:


    a better Interview with the producer Jamie firth here where we can see more details about the modes like ipl and custom tournaments.


    I have this game on pre-order but I am not happy as it comes out in august the Ashes is nearlly finished by then, by the time we get it the West Indies will be in Australia for thier tour. Looks better than the other PCC titles less cartoony and actually has names. As much as I would like to see the Sheffield shield in the Game or the English County Competition it would take the focus away from the graphics and it would become a EA Cricket 04-07. And For Christ sake this time I hope its harder than the last two PCC games I hit 900 runs in a 50 over match on Test match difficulty, but I hope its not as hard as EA Cricket 07 where you cant take a wicket and cannot do a straight drive without being caught behind.

    PPC was meant to be RPC (Ricky Ponting Cricket)

    Best game ever just played it for 5 hours straight after getting it brilliant nothing to complain about and the great thing is it is actually difficult

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