Activision Bosses Dump $60 Million In Activision Stock

Activision CEO Robert "What, Me Worry?" Kotick, and Activision co-chairman of the board Brian Kelly, last week sold off around $US60 million in Activision stocks.

Of that 60, Kelly sold $US42 million worth, while Kotick "only" made $US17 million from ditching some of his stocks. Stocks in the company he, and Kelly, run.

Now, there could be a perfectly logical reason for this. Something their accountants and financial planners told them to do to make some kind of tax break or something. But it's more fun to (wildly) speculate that, with Activision stocks up 30% since January, they're making hay while the sun shines, selling off stock now before it dips again later in the year.

And what happens later in the year? Two of Activision's biggest games - Tony Hawk: Ride and DJ Hero - are expensive products, shipping with costly peripherals, and neither is a guaranteed success.

Activision Boss Bobby Kotick Sells Again—This Time It's For $US17M [TBI]


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