Activision Introduces Science Papa, No Relation

What company would have the gall to release a series of science experiment mini-games for the Nintendo DS and Wii and call it Science Papa? Oh yeah, that company.

I'd use this space to explain that Science Papa casts the player in the role of newest member of Science Papa's research team, aiming at becoming the best scientist in the world by competing in more than 30 different mini-game-driven experiments, but I am far too stunned by Activision's choice of names to do so.

"With Science Papa, we're taking real-world elements of science and giving players the chance to interact with them in safe and creative ways," said David Oxford, Activision Publishing. "While the focus here is clearly family fun, the game can stimulate interest and discussion about science."

Once again, still stunned, and I will probably remained stunned until the game hits store shelves this July.

We've reached out to North American Cooking Mama publisher Majesco to see what they think of this unexpected addition to the mini-game genre family, and expect a response from them later in the day.


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