Age Of Conan Fighting On, Subscriber Base Actually Rising

For a while there, it appeared that Funcom's Age of Conan was on its last legs. Players were leaving, servers were closing. But still, the game lives on!

Funcom's latest financial report states that "a significant increase in new customers in Q1 compared to Q4 has led to a stable and solid subscriber base", meaning that the game's launch in Eastern Europe and free trial offer seem to have done the trick.

Course, Funcom didn't go so far as to reveal how many new subscribers there were, exactly, but an increase is better than a decrease!

Age of Conan turns corner, says Funcom [Eurogamer]


    I wouldnt say its suprising its still going, they made enough on retail box sales and subscriptions in the first 2 months to keep it running for years.

    Eventually it might be genuinely playable again. The first 40 or so levels were awesome.

    In AU, a PC mag is giving away copies of the game for free, so that would be helping their install base as well.

    Heard some rumours that the game is amazing to play now, if I hadn't left my box back home in Norway I'd activate to test it out again.

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