All The Prototype Comp Winners Are Here

All The Prototype Comp Winners Are Here

Who won those copies of Activision’s upcoming sandbox ’em up, Prototype? These guys did.

All week we’ve been giving away copies of Prototype. We’ve been giving away two copies each day, one on Xbox 360 and one on PS3. Below are all the winners and their winning entries.

Monday’s Xbox 360 Winner
James C – “I would morph into the Lambada, the forbidden dance. It cannot be stopped or contained, and there is no cure.”

Monday’s PS3 Winner
Glenn – “I would shape-shift into a chair. You could sit all day long inside the enemy’s headquarters, learning all their secrets, and they would be none the wiser. It’s not very ultimate but it is sly.”

Tuesday’s PS3 Winner
Micca Delaney – “I would become a faulty fluorescent overhead light in order to annoy the enemy with my constant flickering and barely audible yet irritating humming sound.”

Tuesday’s Xbox 360 Winner
Antwandemarco – “I would transform into David Koch on the morning show and give the bad guys really bad financial advice to deal with the GFC, ruining there stock portfolio!”

Wednesday’s PS3 Winner
Paul W – I would morph into Evil Scissors, the pair your mother always eluded to every time she caught you cutting up things and scalded you with the line “Not with the Good Scissors!”

Wednesday’s Xbox 360 Winner
RobotFart – I would shapeshift into a pair of scissors attached to a pair of legs so I can constantly run around and cause untold destruction.

Thursday’s PS3 Winner
grabda – I would transform into Windows Vista SP2. Destroying the world one PC at a time.

Thursday’s Xbox 360 Winner
Dean Henderson – I would morph into a pen as I hear it is mightier than the sword.

Friday’s PS3 Winner
Andrew Mills – I’d turn into my credit card bill, for it is devastating.

Friday’s Xbox 360 Winner
Joshy206 – I’d turn into the spy from TF2. Thus, I could disguise myself as myself, thus no-one would know I changed, thus letting me backstab the crap out of them.

Congratulations to the ten winners, and thanks to the rest of you who entered and made this one of the most popular competitions we’ve run. Special thanks to Activision for offering up the prizes.

Oh, and a quick mention to reader Simeon, who’ll be getting a consolation prize.


  • So not only did some of the Uncharted winners not follow the rules of actually reviewing the game but for this comp, there were 3 winners that were actually over the 25 word limit in the entry terms.

    Bloody annoying.

    • I’m with you Ben, not only these comps, but many other comps have had rule breaking winners. Remember the Halo Wars poem one??? It seems Kotaku just randomly pick winners with little thought to the answers they have given. I mean, two winners, about scissors on the same day??? There were some fantastic answers given by others but it shows just how random it is.

      I think from now on, they should just say xbox360 or ps3 or wii, and that’s it, then leave it to a random draw.

      Puts a damper on the otherwise great gifts Kotaku are giving out, which is great, I’m not knocking that, but maybe take a little more care in choosing winners would be nice.

    • Not to mention not adhering to the “wittiest, cleverest, awesomest or just plain most creative” guideline.


  • Very glad I won, this takes care of the “no money to buy games” issue. Thanks a lot Kotaku! I guess we’ll be getting emailed closer to the release date?

  • I would also like to point out that the second joke about scissors actually comes from former comedy duo lano & woodley and is therefore unoriginal. Also windows vista and TF2 class jokes are little dull.

  • Thanks Kotaku! 😀
    I’ve been gleaming for this game for awhile now 🙂

    Oh, and my favourite entry, even better than mine, was James C’s, with Andrew Mills’ coming in a close second.

  • I just got the confirmation email. Thanks Kotaku and Activision for running and sponsoring such a great comp!

  • I Didn’t enter this comp so i don’t feel cheated. But i cant help noticing no reply from kotaku to the very accurate posts of people that are upset and rightly so?

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